We create the atmosphere of a network-broadcasting studio, complete with microphones, sound effects, and transcribed music.

The PPP Radio Theater is always busy rehearsing and presenting shows that make it a real touring repertory company. The company has been well received at senior centers, libraries, museums, and many other venues across Sussex County. We are always looking for new venues and groups to entertain, so please consider the Radio Theater for your next event!

We invite all, with or without theater experience, to come out and join us for fun, friendship, and travel...throughout lower Delaware.

For more information please contact
Bernie Noeller at 302-500-2788  or email: bnoeller@yahoo.com
Possum Point Players
Radio Theater

Possum Point Players Radio Theater (formerly The Ad Hoc Touring Company) is a branch of Possum Point Players. It was founded in 1996, the brainchild of the late David Palmer. Its mission is double-pronged: to read plays aloud at monthly meetings and to present for the public staged readings of dramatic material.

At the meetings, the public is invited and all attendants take part in reading, giving everyone a chance to "strut their stuff." The group tackles everything from Chekov to Old Time Radio (OTR) such as The Shadow, Casablanca, Wuthering Heights, and of course, the many comedies of OTR including Fibber McGee and Molly. The group also adds dramatic and comical readings.
FEB 16   Mallard Room/Adult Plus   History of Radio
FEB 17   Arsenic and Old Lace
FEB 27   Possum Hall  Bickersons, Fibber McGee, Vitameatavegimin
APR 18  Possum Point Juniors   The Lone Ranger
MAY 4    Friends of the Seaford Library   Arsenic and Old Lace
MAY 11  Harrison Senior Living, Georgetown   A '40's Theme
JUN 22   Chautauqua Festival, Lewes   Casablanca
AUG 25   Manor House, Seaford   The Bickersons
OCT 27   Georgetown Library   The Shadow
DEC 29   Seaford Children's Library   The Lone Ranger

MAR 21   IR Senior Center/Art League   Fibber McGee Anniversary
MAY 10   Milford Senior Center   Arsenic and Old Lace
JUN 20   Chautauqua Festival, Lewes
SEP 5      Indian River Senior Center, Millsboro,
Arsenic and Old Lace
SEP 15   Rehoboth Beach Museum  Casablanca
OCT 20   Milton Theatre Benefit, Fibber McGee & Molly
at the Milton Fire Hall
OCT 31   Atlantic Sands Hotel, Rehoboth Beach, for Elderhostel:
Lecture on the History of Radio
NOV 1   Atlantic Sands Hotel, Rehoboth Beach, for Elderhostel:
Lecture on the History of Radio

FEB 10  Possum Hall, "Battle of the Sexes," performance of Our Miss
Brooks and My Favorite Husband
MAR 4   Georgetown AARP @ Indian River Senior Center, Millsboro
MAR 9   Milton Theatre Benefit @ Bayleaf Rest. Rte. 16
MAR 16  Bay Crossing, Lewes
MAY 9   Harbor Lights Cheer Senior Center, Lewes
JUN 12  Chautauqua Festival, Lewes
JUN 26  Indian River Senior Center, Millsboro
JUL 15  Manor House, Seaford
JUL 27 Eastern Star @ Indian River Senior Center, Millsboro
NOV 8  Brighton Suites, Rehoboth Beach for Road Scholar
PPP's Radio Theater in the Community...
FEB 16  Possum Hall, Georgetown
JUN 16  Chautauqua Festival, Lewes
SEP 17  Indian River Senior Center, Millsboro
OCT 25  Rehoboth Beach Museum
NOV 13  Lewes Senior Center

FEB 25   Dickens Theater
MAR 14   Bay Crossing Community
APR 8   Lewes Library
APR 20   Longview CHEER Center
APR 26   Sorority Mtg at Plaza Hotel 
JUN 19   Chautauqua Festival-Lewes
OCT 24   Rehoboth Museum
NOV 6   Milford Library

FEB 25   Seaford Manor House
FEB 29   Rehoboth Beach Library
MAR 7   Georgetown AARP
APR 26   Ocean View CHEER Center
JUN 19   Chautauqua Festival - Lewes
OCT 28/29   Rehoboth Museum

MAY 6   Eastern Star Awards Dinner - Dover
JUN 19   Chautauqua Festival - Lewes
OCT 27-28   Rehoboth Museum
NOV 21   First Town Club - Lewes
Some PPP Radio Theater members at the Chautauqua Festival, June 2015
PPP's Radio Theater has been recording old-time radio shows over this past spring and summer and now, thanks to the folks at Radio Rehoboth, those shows will be on the air each week!

Located locally at 99.1 on the FM dial, and live streaming at www.radiorehoboth.com, Radio Rehoboth will broadcast our recordings each Sunday evening at 7:00p with the very first airing set for Sunday, September 23. This will be a weekly event and each show is scheduled to be repeated during the month. The casts for our shows consist of local talent who have been coming to our monthly readings. They have put in a lot of extra time in rehearsals and recording sessions, and we're very happy with the results. We're sure you will be too.

Don't forget to listen in each Sunday at 7:00p. We'll take you back to the laughs and thrills of the Golden Age of Radio!
PPP's Radio Theater is On The Air...
PPP Radio Theater ZOOMs Into Lewes Chautauqua 2020...
PPP's Radio Theater Company performed at the 2020 Lewes Chautauqua program again this year. The program was presented via Zoom on Thursday, September 10 at 6:00p.

The program included an introduction to Old-Time Radio, the comedy feature story, Blondie Demands a Refund (1944). A short, Fear of Flying, closes out the program.

Actors include Andrew Hertzberg, Carole and George Mason, Marilyn Ransom Noeller, EJ Panico, Andy Rollman on sound, Peter Schott, Jennifer Schultz, Gina Shuck, and Bernie Noeller. The show is directed by Marilyn Ransom Noeller.
You can watch a recording of the show HERE
PPP's Radio Theatre
takes you back to the Golden Age of

Old Time Radio

Live On Stage - One Show Only!
Sunday, FEB 21 at 2:00p

All Seats $10 Reserved

Call 302-856-3460 for Tickets

All COVID-19 Protocols Will Be Observed
Possum Point Players Radio Theatre presents a visit back to the age of old time radio...

Georgetown DE – January 29, 2021 - The weather might be chilly and the pandemic is still threatening, but Possum Point Players Radio Theatre invites you to a safe and warm presentation of humorous and nostalgic live radio theatre at 2:00p, Sunday, February 21.

Theatre seating in Possum Hall is appropriately spaced according to Division of Public Health protocols, masks are required, movement to and from restroom facilities is guided and hand sanitizer is available throughout the theatre.

All seats are $10.00 and tickets are purchased by calling 856-3460. Seats are reserved and parties who purchase tickets together can be seated together. The home of Possum Point Players, Possum Hall is located at 441 Old Laurel Hwy., in Georgetown. Directions are available here.

Possum Point Players Radio Theatre is an affiliate of the Possums’ community theatre group. PPP Radio Theatre member Bernie Noeller said the presentation is suitable for all ages and promises a fun-filled program of recreating old-time radio broadcasts from the 1940s. The players will read from scripts taken from the “Golden Age of Radio” and the sound effects man can be seen busily providing such scripted noise as a little thunder, dinner dishes rattling on the table, perhaps a passing train, and the serious sounds of a courtroom.  

Appearing as the radio actors are Jennifer Schultz, Marilyn Ransom Noeller, and Bernie Noeller of Lewes; Andrew Hertzberg of Broadkill Beach; Carole Mason and George Mason of Milford, and Peter Schott of Rehoboth Beach. They are joined by EJ Panico of Seaford; Dina Cavallaro of Milton; Tony Pirantozzi, Millsboro and Gina Shuck of Dover. Andy Rollman, Broadkill Beach, is the sound guy.

Noeller said there are more than 80 sound effects for the entire show, including actual cuts from old-time radio shows. He said there are episodes from several shows of the era when radio comedy and drama was the primary in-home entertainment for families.

Included in the presentation at Possum Hall are episodes from the Goodman Ace series “Easy Aces” and from “The Fabulous Dr. Tweedy.” For most audience members, it will be the first exposure to the madcap home life of the Aces and the mythical campus of Potts College where the absent-minded Dr. Tweedy is a professor of philosophy who tries to stay one step ahead of Miss Tilcy, the Dean of Women.

At least one well-known blast from the past, the Abbott and Costello classic, “Who’s on First” will close the production.

Drinks and other refreshments will be available by in-seat service.

Possum Point Players values diversity and inclusion in casting, and in all other areas of the organization.

Possum Point Players is supported, in part, by grants from the Delaware Division of the Arts, a state agency dedicated to nurturing and supporting the arts in Delaware, in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts.
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