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Possum Point Players' New Faces of Shakespeare performed various scenes from Shakespeare's works on Thursday, February 16, 2012, 6:30p at the Georgetown Library located in Georgetown, Delaware. The director was Ms. Maureen Downing of Lewes DE.

Here are a few pictures from that event. Click to start the slideshow!

NFS will perform various scenes from Shakespeare's works as a part of the Milton Library's Shakespeare Birthday Celebration.  The date is Saturday, April 21.  This 1:00p performance will be directed by Ms. Sharron Karrow of Milton DE.  Phone the Milton Library at 302.684.8856 for more information.
I think love is the reason we are here, and with the exception of the Bible, no other works have the depth of understanding of the subject of love as do Shakespeare’s. For example, Sonnet 116 on the steadfastness of love takes on a new meaning for me as each decade passes. -- Beverly H. Smith
"Suit the action to the word, the word to the action."
-- Hamlet Act 3, Scene 2
Playing area beyond the trees which is the background of audience space setting.Stage right setting.Audience seating on folding chairs, blankets.Gazebo stage left setting.Main playing area setting.
Here are some pictures from the Rehoboth Art League outdoor playing space --the site for A Midsummer Night's Dream. Click any pic!
The Outdoor Setting for A Midsummer Night's Dream
Cast of Pyramus and Thisby
Juliet and the Nurse
Moonshine, Wall, and Thisby
Peter Quince directing Moonshine
Thisby and Pyramus
William Shakespeare's
A Midsummer Night's Dream
at the Rehoboth Art League
12 Dodds Lane / Rehoboth Beach, DE

Saturdays: JUNE 2 / JULY 7 / AUGUST 4  4:00p

This show is being produced by The New Faces of Shakespeare, an affiliate of Possum Point Players, Georgetown, Delaware. The production is directed by Beverly Smith.
SITTING L to R: Richard Huffman, Sharon George, Sadie Davis; STANDING L to R: Ethan Harrell, Gian Singh, Michael Harrell, Skye Harrell, Malcolm Keen, Ari August, Kyle Atkinson Steele, Ally Ibach, Dan Payne
"What's past is prologue."  - The Tempest
Join us there!

441 Old Laurel Road - Georgetown, Delaware     /     Mailing Address: P O Box 96, Georgetown DE 19947     /     Office Phone: 302-856-3460
TICKETLINE: 302-856-4560     /     EMAIL:  mail@possumpointplayers.org

PPP's New Faces of Shakespeare is thrilled and privileged to have Michael J Murnin direct TWELFTH  NIGHT; OR, WHAT YOU WILL.You may have seen Michael Murnin as the priest in PPP's 2011's DOUBT (below), as the narrator in 2010's A CHRISTMAS STORY or his production of WHITE CHRISTMAS THE MUSICAL last year. He most recently directed PPP's summer 2014 farce SEE HOW THEY RUN. Michael has a long list of directorial credits including TWELFTH NIGHT, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, LOVE'S LABOURS LOST, THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR, RICHARD II, ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL, AS YOU LIKE IT, and THE COMEDY OF ERRORS.

Possum Point
Shakespeare Players
and tomorrow,
and tomorrow..."   - Macbeth
Members of the PPSP have also lead workshops for Possum Juniors and have given programs for classes at Seaford High School, Woodward High School, and Shield Elementary School in Lewes.

If you enjoy reading or performing Shakespeare's plays, then this is the group for you! For more information about PPSP and to learn what readings will be taking place, please contact Richard Huffman at 301-529-8403.

Much Ado About Nothing - Wed JUN 29 - Thu JUN 30 - Fri JUL 1 - 2016
What happens when a ship wrecks off Coney Island, New York at the turn of the 20th century?  A pair of twins, female and male, are saved unbeknownst to one other. The female, Viola, fears this imposing place and seeks safety by disguising herself as a man and seeks a job with the mayor, Mr. Tilyou.

Tilyou, however, is incapacitated by the love sickness he has for the rich Countess Olivia who is mourning for seven years at the death of both her father and her brother. The distraught Tilyou decides to send his new employee, Cesario (Viola) to court the resistant Olivia. Ironically, Olivia becomes immediately smitten with this messenger and actively begins to try to charm him into a relationship. When Viola’s lost twin brother, Sebastian, appears, there is much craziness with mistaken identities. The resolution of this plot takes many turns.

Meanwhile, Olivia houses her uncle, Sir Toby Belch, who loves her witty chambermaid, Maria. Also living there is a servant, Fabian, a courtjester, Feste, and her major domo, Malvolio. Stopping by is a wealthy old crony of Toby’s from the South, Sir Andrew Aguecheek. Toby, Maria, Fabian, and the Fool have a great time playing practical jokes on the uptight, puritanical Malvolio, and bilking Sir Andrew out of his money.  The two plots intertwine in brilliant Shakespearean fashion to a mostly happy ending, set in the "Electric Eden" of Victorian Coney Island.
Possum Point Players' New Faces of Shakespeare
presents the Bard's

Twelfth Night,
or What You Will
directed by Michael J. Murnin

Friday OCT 17 at 7:30p, 2014
Saturday OCT 18 at 2:00p and 7:30p, 2014
Sunday OCT 19 at 2:00p, 2014


Possum Hall / 441 Old Laurel Rd / Georgetown DE

Viola...   Sharon George
Olivia...   Tara Wisely
Maria...   Stephanie Allman
Tilyou...   Thomas Scott Roberts
Sir Toby...   Chuck Rafferty
Sir Andrew...   Richard Huffman
Malvolio...   Malcolm Keen
Feste...   Delaney Cinnamon
Fabian...   Marsha Shull
Sebastian...   Cat Timko
Antonio / Sea Captain...   Mark Ladd
Curio...   Hilary Mitchell
Valentine...   Julia Bloom
Priest...   Maureen Downing

Director...   Michael Murnin
Musical Direction...   Liz Messick
Stage Manager...   Maureen Downing
Stage Manager...   Fran Feighery
Set / Tech Director...   Doug Friend
Scenic Artist...   Kim Klabe
Costumes...   Marsha Shull
Props...   Donna Flomp
Lighting...   Jeff Clavette
Sound / Video Special Effects...   Michael Phillips
Makeup...   Beth Howlett
Publicity...   Rosanne Pack
PPP Executive Administrator...   Dawn Conaway
Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon...   Richard Huffman
Don John, his bastard brother...   Chuck Rafferty
Claudio a young lord of Florence...   Max Griffin
Benedick, a young lord of Padua...   Tom Trietly
Leonata, Governess of Messina...   Stephanie Allman
Antonia, her sister...   Cheryl Graves
Balthasar, a singer/attendant...  Delaney Cinnamon
Conrade, follower of Don John...   Michael Short
Borachio, follower of Don John...   Thom Harris
Friar Francis...   Thom Harris
Dogberry, a master constable...   Paul Tocco
Verges, a headborough...   Marsha Shull
First Watchman...   Abby Chesney
Second Watchman...   Sharron Karrow
Sexton...   Richard Huffman
Hero, daughter to Leonata...   Delaney Cinnamon
Beatrice, niece to Leonata...   Tara Wisely
Margaret, gentlewoman to Hero...   Sharron Karrow
Ursula, gentlewoman to Hero...   Marsha Shull
Director...   Shannon Parks
Assistant Director...   Mary Moran
Stage Manager...   Fran Freighley
Choreography...   Thom Harris
Sound design...   Shannon Parks, Thom Harris,
  Alex Sincevich of Dapper DJ’s, Paul Tocco
Set design...   Richard Huffman, Shannon Parks
Costumes...   Marsha Shull and Crew
Props...   Cynthia Cinnamon, Scott Cinnamon
Light Board Operator...   Brenna Christenbury
Lighting Advisors...   Jim De Bastiani, Logan Lynch
Set Advisor...   Fred Dean
Publicity...   Rosanne Pack
Office Support...   Dawn Conaway
PPSP seeks to promote the appreciation of the plays of William Shakespeare in lower Delaware.  We invite all to explore the vastness of human emotions through reading and performing his works.

Those interested in reading the plays meet at 6:30pm on the second Monday of each month at Possum Hall, in Georgetown. A play is selected and a leader emerges to give some background on the play and to assign parts around the table. The play is read over a series of meetings.

Those interested in performing scenes or in full-length productions volunteer or audition for a designated director. Actors have performed programs of scenes at a number of libraries, Bridgeville, Greenwood, Georgetown, Milton, Lewes, Seaford, Rehoboth and at the gazebo in Milton. In 2016, 2017, and 2018, the Players have provided entertainment for the fund raiser dinner during the Shakespeare Festival at the Lewes Library.

Starting in 2009 PPSP produced THE TAMING OF THE SHREW; in 2011, AS YOU LIKE IT; in 2014, TWELFTH NIGHT, OR WHAT YOU WILL; in 2016, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING; in 2019 THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR all on the Possum Hall stage. In 2012, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM was produced in conjunction with the Rehoboth Art League in the League’s gardens. About every other year a full-length play is produced on the Possum Hall stage.
PPSP at Shakespeare Day in Rehoboth Beach - April 21, 2018
Photo courtesy Delaware Shakespeare. Photo credit: Alessandra Nicole Photography
PPSP presents a bit of The Tempest at Shakespeare Day in Rehoboth Beach, April 21, 2018. Pictured (l to r): Sharron Kerrow, Thom Harris, Tara Wisely, Elizabeth Holz (obscured), Claudius Bowden, Michael Short (obscured), Mary Moran, Richard Huffman.
April 23, 2018 was William Shakespeare’s 454th birthday. To celebrate, Delaware Shakespeare sought to present every single play Shakespeare ever wrote in the course of one hour at the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand on Saturday, April 21. In partnership with Clear Space Theatre Company and the City of Rehoboth Beach, the aim of the event was to have about 20-30 seconds of dialogue from every Shakespeare play performed in a whirlwind fashion on “Shakespeare Day“ -– a fun, light-hearted event that would honor the dizzying diversity of Shakespeare’s writing and the collaborative spirit of Sussex County residents. Volunteers from a wide cross-section of the community--from the government, arts, education, and business sectors--stepped up to the mic for their 15 seconds of Shakespeare glory. And Possum Point Shakespeare Players was proudly represented by eight of its own!
Photo credit: Kyra Cutsail
PPSP presents a bit of The Tempest at Shakespeare Day in Rehoboth Beach, April 21, 2018. Pictured (l to r): Thom Harris, Tara Wisely, Elizabeth Holz, Michael Short, Claudius Bowden, Mary Moran, Richard Huffman.
Dramatis Personae

Sir John Falstaff...   Chuck RaffertyFenton / Pistol...   Zach Rogers
Justice Shallow...   Richard HuffmanSlender...   Susan Newark
Sir Hugh Evans...   Tom TrietleyDr. Caius / Nym...   Thom Harris
Hostess of the Inn / Anne Page...   Rebecca DavidsonBardolph...   Karen Fitzpatrick
Ms Ford...   Tara WiselyFrank Ford...   Steven Perry
Mistress Margaret Page...   Marsha ShullGeorge Page... Dick Pack
Peter Simple...   Peter KlotzMistress Quickly...   Sadie Andros
John Rugby...   Mike MarottaRobin...   Hannah Bellistri

This production of Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor is directed by the acclaimed Shakespearean actress and director Shannon Parks of Lewes. Ms. Parks is setting the play at a festival time in Windsor when knights were inducted into the Order of the Garter near Falstaff's home, the Garter Inn. There Ms. Parks is creating a zany Elizabethan slant to all the trickery and high jinx and the various plot lines that flow throughout this story of marriage, wealth, jealousy, and lies.
PPSP 2019 presents The Merry Wives of Windsor
Our play begins as Don Pedro, the prince of Arragon, and his officers return from the recently concluded war. The Prince’s party of soldiers arrives at the home of the Lady Leonata, with Count Claudio, who had before the war been attracted to Leonata’s only daughter, Hero, and Benedick, who enjoys sparring wits with Hero’s cousin and companion, Beatrice.

Leonata holds a masked ball to celebrate her visitors and the end of the war. During the ball, Don Pedro arranges the engagement of Claudio to Hero, while the prince’s brother, our villain, Don John, devises a plan to spoil the general happiness by plotting with his comrades, Borachio and Conrade to deceive Claudio into believing Hero is false to him.  A trick is carried out with the unwitting assistance of Hero’s maid, Margaret, who talks from Hero’s bedroom window with Borachio at night while Claudio and the prince, at the urging of Don John, watch secretly from a distance, under the delusion that the girl at the window is Hero.

During the ball, Hero, Don Pedro, Claudio, and Leonata decide that Benedick and Beatrice are ideal partners and by means of overheard conversations, the two realize that they do indeed love one another.

At the wedding, Claudio publicly denounces and shames Hero who faints dead away from shock. Claudio and Don Pedro leave before she is revived. With the aid of the priest, a ruse is devised in which Claudio and Don Pedro are informed that Hero has died from shock until her good name can be restored. Help is at hand as the village constable, Dogberry, and his assistants have arrested Borachio and Conrade after overhearing them boasting of their deception of Claudio and the prince.

The play comes to a joyful conclusion when Dogberry’s information is given to Leonata and Don Pedro. Claudio agrees to marry Leonata’s “niece”, whom he has never met, in place of Hero, whom he believes has been killed by his slander. The “niece” turns out to be Hero, and as the lovers are reunited, Benedick and Beatrice announce that they will share the wedding day. Don John has been captured while trying to escape and the play ends with a merry dance.
2019 Possum Point Shakespeare Players

The Merry Wives of Windsor

Director: Shannon Parks

Friday, June 28 at 7:30p
Saturday, June 29 at 7:30p
Sunday, June 30 at 2:30p

General Admission All Seats: $15.00

Online Tickets or 302-856-4560 or at the door
Possum Hall / 441 Old Laurel Rd / Georgetown DE
"Come, and take choice of all my library, And so beguile thy sorrow."  - Titus Andronicus